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Strawberry Hill


Perched just west of the downtown KC skyline sits Strawberry Hill.  A neighborhood with a rich history of challenge and hope. Established in the late 1800s by immigrants from western Europe, a rich Slavic community and culture thrive today. A unifying thread amongst the sons, daughters, and grandchildren of those who made Strawberry Hill home is the game of soccer.

Match day for the Croatia National Team is a celebration at the St John's Catholic Club. Songs are sung, hugs are given, and authentic libations are shared. It is magical. We, States, are not of Croatian descent yet the welcome was as though we were family.  

On the eve of another challenging match, we are inspired to take part in the grit that has propelled the Strawberry Hill community forward.

Hidden gems with such rich culture are what make soccer in America so beautiful. For your 9am beer, try the Ožujsko.

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